15. April 2017
27. Dezember 2017

Hello my name is Alen and I’ve been 27 years old. I’m from Bosnia but I lived in Germany for a while and now I live in France with my children and my wife. Since I’m here I feel a miracle of being free. I felt too closed before but here as you see I’m with my happy family. And remember one thing in the world, no matter money but what counts for us young or not young is happiness, that as you see in photos I know with my family. For the time being I live in a hostel called Dante Hotel which is nice, I have a flat and so I can give life to my children and their freedom. They can study and become big people important.This is what I think about my children.

As you can see these are the squares where we sleep. Near is

the center that is beautiful, then there is the beautiful sea, you went 200 m from the hotel where I sleep. Then as you see it, I’m with my friends and we are diving into the sea.

Hello to all.