The central part of the learning mobility of the group In Berlin is the elaboration of performances and stories worked together by the leaders and the group. Each day is a step in the imagination and realisation of the theater performance the group will stage in the Theater of the Humboldt University on the 17 March. The group’s Theater Story is so rich and diversificated. Many stories are inside, true and invented, creations of dance and lessons of theater. The fine and modern spaces of the University Humboldt give concentration for learning, reflecting and sometimes correctly conflicting; the outside places of Berlin are the external scene for the Film and dancing, playing, contacting the audience. It is like a realisation of the Teatro dell’Arte. The scenes are invented on doing day by day.

In Berlin are elaborated performances and stories together: the leaders MASETTO BONITZ, MASSIMO D’ORZI, EDIN JASAROVIC, PETAR PEJAKOVIC, TOMER ZIRKILEVICH and the group DJELZA ABAZAJ, SEHRAT AKBAL, YORDAN ANCHEV, BRENDON BACALANOVIC, FERID BAJRA, ALEN HAMIDOVICH, FRANCESKO HAMIDOVIC, VALENTINO JOVANOVIC, MUHAMET KURTI, ZARKO NIKOLIC, SABIT PAJAZITAJ, ERGJAN PAJAZITAJ, DIAMANT PAJAZITAJ, RAFAELA RUGGIERO, MERSUD SEJDIC, JASMIN SEJDOVICSERGEZ SEJDOVIC, IBRAHIM TATARI, AMIR RAMADAN. Each day is a step in the imagination and realisation of the theater play the group will performance in the Theater of the Humboldt University the last day of the project. The plot is so rich and diversificated. 













6 March

The first day is amazing for each one. New friends, ideas, feelings permit the group a profound moment of insights and the narrative of stories. A spontaneous theme: true and invented story will be the central one of the encounter and of invention. The group decides that is possible to use the two together: true and invented story. The seriety of the decision is very strong for each one. They choose that true stories have to be transformed with many inventions to be accepted.

7 March

The second day is more difficult in the group and the performances have two subjects, the first one about collaborative dynamics of the group with a single one and the acceptance or not acceptance of the helping group by the single. The second subject is the Epidemic of aggressive Vampires.

8 March

The third day is rich of emotional themes and performances: Love & Hate, Sightlessness, We are dead: feelings elaborated in the morning performances at the University interior space. In the second part of the day the group and the leaders work on performances in Historical and collective spaces, Gendarmen Markt, and Museum Neue Wache, War remembrance  building restored after World War II bombing.

9 March

A day of discovery. All the performances are about blindness. Each one in the group try to undestand: where am I, may open my sentiments to others, am I so fragil,  how may I help my peer group? How may I open closed doors?

10 March

Theme of identity. Identity as a mirror with a second myself. The performances of Petar Pejakovic define the messages of looking, of entering in contact, without touching, with  control of distance. The performances of Zombies inspire the fear and the pleasure to be openly aggressive and the red line that has not to be passed. The Close-up video shooting of Massimo D’orzi look at personality, expressions of sentiments, reaction to actions of each one. The video scenes of Car accident and Restaurant picture the relational social aspect and the playing of roles.

11 March

In the morning the group work on two central performances for the theater realisation with the direction of Petar. The incident is the first performance, with three auto. The stories are true, lived by Djelza and Alen. The protest ist he second performance. The reaction to bad critics in the school, The story was lived by Diamant as child. Against collectiv aggressivity the group reacts with collectiv protest. In the afternoon three scenes for the Film with direction of Massimo. The plot is about a group of four youngs from Montenegro , we see them closed in a room-prison in Berlin. Diamant  has a telephone contact with Djelza. All the group expect help by her. She can help them. In a scene in the park, Sergev, the friend of Djelza, is jealous of her calls with Diamant and they conflict. In the second scene Diamant and Farid, now free, expect in the park. Djelza comes and Diamant and Djelza exit together from the scene. Farid remains expecting until Alen comes. Alen helped them to get free from the prison. In the third scene is Ibrahim alone, he doesn’t want talk with Jasmin who is trying to become friend with him.

13 March

The day is concentrated on the film scenes directed by Massimo. The group of four guys from Montenegro is imprisoned. They expect the call of Djelza. Their life depends from her possibility to find them and to help. Where are they? How possible is to find the location where are they closed? May she really help them? Has she a web of people wo may help?  The story of Berlin is present, the city, modern and splendid in reconstruction, has a dark side. The scenes are dramatic, the close-up shootings mirror for stories of vanishing people. In the last two scenes Djelza comes, she is not alone, Sergev is with her. The impossibility to tell the truth, to talk open, the aggression against the obstacle to desires are central in the scenes, are emblematic of desires and silences of the divided Berlin History.

14 March

A very different day. Morning. The leadership of Tomer is totally different from the leadership of Sveta. Tomer accepts that a leader decides the changes in the fast movements of the group. Sveta directs that the group move as an unit body without stronger personalities, without a leader. The group doesn’accept and conflicts with Sveta for the freedom in learning. Pause. Edin directs a performance with Djelza and Rafaela, they sing together and the group is  deeply involved. The group is again united and strong. In the afternoon Alen Diamant Farid Ibrahim Erjan  work with the direction of Massimo on two scenes of the Film: Sleep and Escape.

15 March

A new dinamic in the group. In the morning the Stories with Masetto Bonitz, in the afternoon the end of the plot of the Film in Berlin with the shootings in the S Bahn and in the Wall Park. The group is divided in reality and in fiction. Different ways of thinking and acting are transparent in the last scene of the Film.

16 March

The day before the Premiere are tensions in the group. Each one is concentrated on the times, the tecnic, the ability to take decisions. Beauty binds to depth of feelings. The story to represent is working inside the souls. The leaders are chosen by the group for the best achievement in the moment. Each one may be in the many moments of the theater performance a leader. The group is really united. Theater Direction for the Premiere Edin, Director of Photography Amir.

17 March

THEATER DANCE STORIES VIDEOS, Representation in the Theater Senatssaal Unter den Linden. 6 PM

Humboldt Universität. Amir Director of Photography.

18 March

Meeting for greetings and for looking to the next city, Rome.