27. Dezember 2017


Hello my name is Alen I’m 26 I was born in Bosnia but I come from Rome and now live in Germany.

As you can see in this house I live together with my wife and kids. With other families we help, we asked the asylo. In this house there are the people I made friends. They are good people. There are people who work, others who do not work. I do not even work, but little by little I’ll find it. I’d just like to live with my family in a home of my own.

Here where we live we are many. These are the places of Ibbenbüren where I live now, these are my friends in ibenbbüren.

 This place is small, it is not big enough but it is cute, six months since we live in this place but I can not find much good to me because it’s a small town.

This is the place where I come to renew documents every three months.

My son has started going to kindergarten so that he could learn the language and make friends with other children.

 Do not just matter that you live in peace, the important thing is that. In this period popped expulsion from Germany, I have to leave the territory because I have no right to stay because I come from Bosnia.