Programme Erasmus +

Funded by  the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Key Action:  Learning Mobility of Individuals

Action Type: Youth mobility

Stiftung Theater und Kunst Diletta Benincasa

Purpose of the foundation Theater und Kunst Diletta Benincasa is the promotion of art and culture, science, research, education and training. The purpose is achieved thanks to the implementation and support of artistic projects, which aim to engage with artistic means for human rights and creative needs especially for Roma and Sinti in Europe, other minorities, refugees, migrants and in particularly children and youth. The Foundation Theater und Kunst Diletta Benincasa works especially with art projects, trying ways and strategies for solidarity, impartiality and independence plus democracy and mutual respect.

The Foundation has successfully implemented several projects in the area of Photography, Concerts, Short Films and publications. The projects with artists included different groups of young Roma-minorities, migrants and refugees in Europe. Workshops and short films: The films act as a reflection of the life of minorities in Europe that are characterized by expulsion, persecution and the associated search for belonging. Emina, Sarajevo, Sarajevo, 2015 The Ghosts of the Camp, Rome, 2014 Oltre L’Arcobaleno, Rome, 2010 Fuga da Roma, Rome, 2009 Workshops of Fotography, Exhibitions, Workshops and short films.

The films act as a reflection of the life of minorities in Europe that are characterized by expulsion, persecution and the associated search for belonging. Emina, Sarajevo, Sarajevo, 2015 The Ghosts of the Camp, Rome, 2014 Oltre L’Arcobaleno, Rome, 2010 Fuga da Roma, Rome, 2009.

Publications: Najo Adzovic: II Popolo invisibile, Rome, 2005 The history of the Roma, how and where they lived and live; the history of the Yugoslav wars from Montenegro to Campo Casilino 900, Rome. Kalender: me sem rom sono rom, Campo di Vicolo Savini, Rome, 2005.

Dr. Patrizia Bisci, President and Founder of the Foundation Theater und Kunst Diletta Benincasa. Conception and management of exhibitions, art and film projects of the Foundation.
Masetto Bonitz, Ph.D. Student in Modern Literature at Humboldt-University Berlin. Artistic work in film and workshop Rom.A Episode 2 for photo and texts for the foundation in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2015. Cultural and Organisational Assistant.

Tomer Zirkilevich is a choreographer, actor, dancer and teacher who lives and works in Berlin in dance performances in High Schools.Choreographer and dancer in the piece:  „Infidelity, A love story“ Concept and Choreography,“ Like Father Likes Son (part II)“, 2016;“What have i got?“ for „The Berlin art film festival“, 2014.

Legal Representative Patrizia Bisci
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Javna Ustanova Univerzitet Crne Gore Podgorica

Faculty of Drama Arts

Higher education institution (tertiary level)



Faculty of Drama Arts, Cetinje is a public organization founded in 1994. It is located in the building of the former Turkish Embassy with the ambience of the old royal capital – Cetinje, a town-museum and Montenegro’s centre of art education, undoubtedly contributes to the unique experience of studying at the faculty. Faculty of Drama Arts organizes undergraduate, specialist and master studies. The study programmes in Acting, Directing (Theatre, Film and TV), Dramaturgy and Production, the students are lead through a variety of academic disciplines, theoretical and value interpretations of art and culture, the classical history of the art of theatre, drama and film,  modern art and contemporary visual culture. The specific nature of the teaching process at the Faculty of Drama Arts Cetinje, lies in the practical creative work during the process of acquiring professional skills and knowledge. The teaching process includes creative workshops run by experienced pedagogues, renowned contemporary theatre and film creators, as well as lectures by theoreticians of art and culture interacting with creative practice. The work is done in close cooperation with Montenegro’s prominent art and cultural institutions.   Through the collaboration of students in various departments of the Faculty and under the tutorship of the academic staff, they are pleased that their students produce short feature films, documentaries, TV shows, but also theatre plays and other works every year. Web-site:

Faculty of Drama Arts in Cetinje (part of the University of Montenegro) organized in previous years many projects that were based on the exchange of knowledge and production in joint artistic works through mutual efforts. It was mainly focused in the exchange of experience of the students from European countries that came to Montenegro and, on the other side, it was focused on the investigation of new places and its stories. We can mention here the annual meeting of students from regions within the project “Writing of the Town”, organized in summer in the town Kotor. Every year students have a different perspective of the town to cover with their artistic expression in various categories: fine arts, music, theatre and film. Last year, through IPA CBC funded project “ArTVision” the students from Croatia, Albania, Italy and Montenegro gathered in Cetinje through one-week residencies and they produced works in the field of theatre and film. All these residencies and meetings regularly had special guest lecturers and mentors that gave an authentic vision and inspired the students to produce something new. It’s very important to emphasize the fact that Faculty of Drama Arts in Cetinje is a member of the Regional Network that gathers the drama and film academies from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. Through that network students are able to produce the theatre and film works through mutual cooperation. Teachers and students of the Faculty are also involved in many external inclusion projects.

Sehad Čekić: Film producer. He graduated from the Faculty of Drama Arts – Cetinje, where he obtained a master’s thesis. From 2005 to the Faculty of Drama Arts – Cetinje as an associate in the case Film Production I-IV and Modern film production. Lecturer in Film Production III-IV of the study 2010/11 year. He participated in film projects: „Watch me“ (2008), „Masks“ (2008), „Sarajevo Spring“ (2009), „the last chapter“ (Prime Minister SFF 2011), the implementation of many projects in different domains of culture, „Activ Art“ festival „Where I’m Calling“ Podgorica, as well as in the development of strategic documents relating to the national cinema.

Assoc. prof. Petar Pejaković, Theatre director: He graduated in Theater and Radio directing by prof. Egon Savin from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Since 1999 he has worked at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Cetinje, study programs:  Direction, Acting, Dramaturgy, Production with the function of the vice-dean for international cooperation. He directed around fifty theater performances with children, young people, Roma youths, professionals and vulnerable social groups. For directing in Theater he has received several national and international awards. Director of the Kotor Festival of Children’s Theatre.

Marija Perovic works as Assistant Professor with the department of Film and Television direction at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Cetinje. She graduated on Faculty of  Drama Arts Belgrade. She is a director, producer and scriptwriter.

Dr Edin Jasarovic, Faculty of Drama Arts – Cetinje Interests: productions, cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue courses: Cultural Management I and II, Faculty of Drama Arts – Cetinje, study program Production. Theater productions, Faculty of Drama Arts – Cetinje, study program Production.


Il Gigante soc. coop.

The Giant was created in 2000 from an idea of Elizabeth Amalfitano, with intents related to the organization of cinema events and the promotion of independent works. With time, it enriches itself with experiences, meetings and collaborations that have allowed to realize festivals, conferences, productions of documentaries and movies. By different roads we, the group of professionals, arrived at cinema united by the passion and idea that it deals with a language, a free expression, a demand and a form of the imagination. We are convinced that cinema must not bend to confirm the inevitability of reality, cinema is a creation that allows people to think, to excite, to set questions and to propose thoughts and new images on the reality of human beings. We want to support brave and talented authors of cinema who continually try to be independent and free from commercial ties. Our aim at all this is to maintain the concreteness of doing the job, the construction of relationships and the comparisons to face problems related to the production and distribution of a movie or a documentary. We try to find in our job and in that of the others a point of view that has a personal look, the thought that hides behind the illusion of the images in movement.
In 2004 Il Gigante produced the documentary movie on the rom „Adisa or a thousand-year old story“ by director Massimo D`Orzi followed, in the same year, by the organization of the festival „Tony Gatlif and the nomadic cinema“ and a conference whose proceedings will give life to the book „For a nomadic cinema“ edited by E. Amalfitano. In 2002 Il Gigante organized the cinema event of the European Social Forum in Florence with the title „The image of rebellion.“ Filmography 2011 Ribelli! (film-documentary) 2010 Ombre di luce (film-documentary) 2007 Sàmara (Feature film) 2007 Improvising (Documentary about art) Theatre 2010 Ariel: Prime luci della tempesta 2009 Solaris, toccata e fuga 2009 Moving towards a point called P.
Paola Traverso is a scientific historic writer, director and editor of theater and film and a novelist. Her experience in working in France, Italy, Germany, Africa, Morocco and Bosnia, brings capacity of dialogue with decision maker capacity and innovative learning methodologies. Paola Traverso may communicate digital competences in new technologies and Media. The group of Roma in Rome was really enthusiastic with the learning methodology of Paola Traverso and with her friendly communication; the group was positively surprised by the two fine short films they were able to make in the workshops.
Massimo D’orzi is professional Director, Film Dramaturg, Writer Producer. He is engaged with the themes: the last war in the Balkans, division of lands and historic movement of people in the Balkan area. His know how is important for telling together stories of people living and moving  in the land of  South Europe.
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Dr Paola Traverso
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